Specialist Crate Building: Your satisfaction, or success



Q. Will the crate, case or pallet be provided with forklift gluts?

YES.  All crates, cases and pallets made by MCL Packaging come with forklift gluts so you will not need to request them.  However if you do not require them we can create the case or crate without forklift gluts.  If a case or crate is very small or not taking a great deal of weight it may only need chest handles.


Q. Do crates or cases come with a lid?

YES.  All crates and cases ordered will come with a lid.  If you do not require a lid then we can quote on a crate or case without a lid.


Q. Do you come out to measure?

YES.  Although most things that need packing can be quoted over the phone, a representative from MCL Packaging will be happy to come out and measure up for any more complicated jobs.  If you measure the item to be packed yourself, if possible please provide the size in millimetres and provide us with the size you want the inside of the box to be (L x W x H); generally allow an extra 50mm to the length, width & height and we can provide a quote over the phone!


Q. Do you pack our product for us?

YES.  We will be willing to pack, either on site or at our premises.  We charge our standard hourly rate (but higher if required to pack after hours) and packaging materials used such as foam lining, bubblewrap and moisture desiccants etc. will be charged extra as required.


Q. Does MCL Packaging deliver?

YES.  MCL Packaging will deliver or pick-up from anywhere within the metropolitan area, or further afield when required.  Please phone us for more details.


Q. Will you arrange freight of our product?

No.  We are not freight forwarders. We can pack your product and deliver your crate or case directly to the freight forwarding company you have arranged.


Q. What are your trading hours?

There is someone available in our office to take your order or provide you a quote from 7.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday.


Q. How long will it take to get my crate or case?

Generally we can provide your crate or case to you within 24-48 hours.

However for complicated jobs and during exceptionally busy periods it may take 2 to 3 days to complete your order.

Every effort is made to meet unforseen urgent deadlines.


Q. What are your standard sizes?

As MCL Packaging custom make all their crates and cases our standard sizes are whatever size you require! We keep records of all orders, so repeat orders are fast and efficient.  We can also allocate a personal product code to your order for ease of ongoing orders.


Q. Do you make plastic or foam crates?

NO.  MCL Packaging only make crates and cases from kiln dried pine timber and plywood.


Q. What type of crate or case will suit what I want to send?

Many factors influence the type of crate or case you might need.

Some things to consider are: whether the product is delicate and will need protection from the elements, how it will be freighted (road, air or sea), if it is traveling locally or internationally, how much the product weighs, how big it is, whether bracing is required.

Please contact our friendly sales staff with your exact needs and we will be happy to suggest a crate or case to suit.


Q. Do you make standard pallets?

Yes we do, but we also custom make to your size requirement.


Q. How much weight will a standard crate or case hold?

Although crates & cases can be designed to carry almost any weight, the standard configuration we use is designed to carry up to 500kg.  Generally it is helpful for us to know the weight of the product as we can design a base to carry 40 tonnes or more.


Q. What linings can be provided to protect my product?

The following linings are available for your crate or case:


Q. Can crates and cases be made to be reusable?

YES.  If required, we can create crates and cases using hinges, hasp and staples to make them lockable.  All our crates and cases screw together, so that they're easily reusable.  We can also build one side as a hinged ramp for easy movement of wheeled equipment.


Q. Is MCL Packaging able to make crates and cases that are ISPM 15 compliant?

YES.  All MCL Packaging crates and cases comply with ISPM 15 standards and are stamped accordingly.


Q. Will we receive a declaration of compliance?

YES, if requested.


Q. Will the crate or case be marked with fragile, handle with care, keep dry?

YES, whichever stamp is appropriate.